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West Glens Falls Fire Hall Rental

We are now taking Hall Rental Agreements.

Banquet Hall Rental Terms and Conditions

Fees: The rental fee for the Banquet Hall is $60.00 per hour. The maximum duration of the event at this rate will be five (5) hours in length. Additional time is available at a rate of $70.00 per hour. This rate includes the use of the Banquet Hall and restrooms. The total cost of your hall rental will be calculated, on the Banquet Hall Rental Agreement form, dependent on additional requirements (i.e. use of the bar, use of the kitchen, etc.)

Deposits and Refunds: A deposit of $150.00 is required at the time the rental agreement is signed. The deposit will confirm your reservation and lock in your date. Deposits may be refunded providing a 30 day notice is given. Any fees incurred by the Fire Company for disposal of items left on Fire Company premises will be billed to the renting party. The balance of remaining payments will be due five (5) days prior to the rental date.

Bar Use: Use of the bar can be made available for your event. The rate charged includes the opening of the bar and one bartender. An additional bartender can be provided for an additional fee. The bar will be manned by our staff only. Other than our bartending staff, no one is allowed behind the bar at anytime, for any reason.

Kitchen Use: The ice machine, refrigeration unit, coffee maker, stainless steel table tops, and the stove are included under kitchen use.

Setup / Cleanup: Table placement, seating arrangements and decorations are the responsibility of the renting party. Push pins or tacks are not allowed in securing items or decorations to the walls or ceiling. Tape only may be used for this purpose. However, the only type of tape allowed is Scotch tape (no exceptions). Every effort will be made by the Fire Company to allow access to the hall for setup and decorating purposes prior to your event, subject to previous reservations. A quick cleanup is the responsibility of the renting party (i.e. clean up of tables, trash placed in receptacles provided).

Smoking: Smoking is prohibited anywhere in the building. Smoking is allowed outside, in designated areas. We would ask that cigarette butts be placed in the receptacles provided.

Alcohol: Patrons of any event are not allowed behind the bar for any reason, at any time. The West Glens Falls Fire Company will provide any and all alcoholic beverages required for any event held on premises. Due to the Fire Company Liquor license, no alcoholic beverages, other than those sold on premises, can be brought into any event.

General Information: A walk through of the Hall and related facilities (kitchen, restrooms, etc.) will be provided at contract signing with a Fire Company representative. Any damage occurring during the contracted rental event that is attributable to misuse of the Hall and/or neglect of the parties involved shall be the sole responsibility of the renting party as indicated by signature on this contract. Please contact a member of the Banquet Hall committee ASAP if you have any problems before rental use.

Parking: The parking lot directly adjacent to Hall has been allocated for the use of the Hall. For the safety of your guests and members of the Fire Company, we ask that all efforts be made to restrict parking to the designated area. We never know when the Fire Company will be toned for an incident, resulting in emergency vehicle traffic on the premises. If a problem should arise during your event please contact one of the Fire Company members working the event.

Fire Alarm Response Information: In the event the Fire Company is toned out for an incident, we ask that all members of the event remain inside the facility, due to the increased amount of traffic that will be entering and exiting the property. In the event of an alarm here in the facility, you and your guests should evacuate the building and stage, at a safe distance, in the parking lot out side the large double doors you and your guests entered the through into the Hall.

Hall Rental Phone Number: (518) 361-6384 or email us at Send Email

Banquet Hall
Banquet Hall
Banquet Hall