West Glens Falls Fire Prevention Trailer

The West Glens Falls Volunteer Fire prevention team consists of our firefighters teaching the most up to date skills to kids of all ages. Our fire Safety trailer can be brought to your location as a mobile classroom. The trailer teaches children and adults house safety which include kitchen, living room, and bedroom safety. They are taught how to detect a fire hazard and to notify the right person (an adult if it’s a child). After going through the Safety trailer, the children are then asked if they would like to go through the fake fire scenario, which is the trailer being filled with smoke from a fog machine (mixture is sugar and water). The children are then instructed by a firefighter on how to stay low and crawl through and out of the trailer safely (by following the firefighter). We also offer fire extinguisher training for kids and how to use them, which are pressurized water cans and a BullEx Fire demonstration board. Please contact Harold Bouton at (518) 769-0622.
If you are interested in reserving the Fire Prevention Trailer please click here to download our form.